Youngsters urged to stay safe this summer

Youngsters urged to stay safe this summer (image credit: iStock/Federherz)

Young people across Lanarkshire are being encouraged to remember the importance of safety this summer, with several major construction projects underway on the county's roads.

Planned maintenance activities and a series of upgrades will be coming into effect on routes including the M8, M73 and M74 from July 1st, and young people are advised they should stay away from any ongoing works when possible.

Health and safety manager for the M8 M73 M74 Motorway Improvements Project Lesley Baird stated: "The M8 M73 M74 site is vast and borders many of the local communities across North and South Lanarkshire, therefore we would like to remind parents, guardians and carers to warn their children and to encourage them to stay away from the site."

She noted that construction sites can be an attractive place for children to play, as they can look like huge adventure playgrounds. However, the dangers they could face when entering these areas unsupervised are serious indeed.

Despite the start of works to upgrade these key routes, each of the motorways will remain fully open to traffic throughout the construction phase. Young people should therefore avoid the temptation to play in construction areas, even in those places where work is not currently underway.

Ben Robb, brand manager at Dieselink, adds: "The dangers of construction sites are immense for young people, so parents and carers must instil a proper respect for these areas into their young ones, even during the excitement of the summer holidays."