Scotland’s young motorists quick to acquire bad driving habits

Scotland’s young motorists quick to acquire bad driving habits

A new survey has highlighted what kind of bad driving habits young drivers in Scotland have picked up in their short time on the road.

More than a third of Scotland’s young motorists (37 per cent) don’t check their mirrors as often as they should, according to a poll conducted by Marmalade – which specialises in insuring young drivers.

Over a quarter of the sample (28 per cent) confessed to exceeding the speed limit, while one in six (15 per cent) admitted they take more risks now than when they first started driving.

The Sunday Post reports that of all the countries in the UK, Scotland is home to the highest number of young drivers who break the speed limit. Young Scottish drivers are also less likely to indicate than those in England, Wales and Northern Ireland.

Many said they no longer hold the steering wheel with both hands, while others confessed to braking too late and being poor at judging the speed of other vehicles.

More positively, Scotland’s young motorists are less likely to take risks than their counterparts elsewhere in the UK.

Chris Bensted, an approved driving instructor who runs his own driving school, highlighted the dramatic shift from learning to drive to the reality of life on the road.

“Whilst taking a driving test is a huge milestone in your life, it’s not as difficult as real-life driving,” he said. “It’s not an endgoal and learning doesn’t end there, so it’s important to make the actual learning and gaining confidence the priority.”

Ben Robb, brand manager at Dieselink, added: “Every driver is likely to acquire some lazy habits behind the wheel over time, but this survey suggests it is happening a lot quicker than we would expect. That is concerning because it is likely they’ll only pick up more habits in future.”