Remote Scottish island benefits from new three-word address system

Remote Scottish island benefits from new three-word address system

Residents in one of the most remote areas of Scotland have benefited from a new more accurate postcode-style system.

The globe has been divided into a grid of 57 trillion squares measuring three metres by three metres by what3words. Each grid has a unique, easy-to-remember three-word address searchable via an app that even works offline.

Volunteers from Land Rover helped to deliver these three-word addresses to the people of the Isle of Mull, as part of the Addressing Mull project.

The car maker teamed up with what3words after the island's doctor, Brian Prendergast, appealed for help in giving every home and business a precise address that could result in a swifter medical response.

On Mull, postcodes cover large areas and some spots have no formal street names, so it is hoped that the three-word addresses will help the island’s medical professionals respond to emergency call-outs more quickly and accurately, as well as improve everyday healthcare on Mull.

Dr Prendergast says the three-word addresses will improve the ability of doctors and nurses in locating remote-living patients.

“We believe it will not only help us deliver a better routine healthcare service, but will save vital minutes in emergency call-outs that could literally save a life,” he commented.

“The island is really grateful to what3words and Land Rover for putting Mull on the map.”

A spokesman for Jaguar Land Rover said that the initiative has the potential to transform isolated communities around the world by making them more accessible.

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Ben Robb, brand manager at Dieselink, added: “This is a really smart idea and anything that improves emergency response times has to be commended.”