Over £4m to go on repairing roads in north-west Scotland

Photo: DBX54/wikipedia

More than £4 million will be spent on repairing the surfaces of trunk roads in north-west Scotland after a blistering winter that brought freezing cold temperatures, heavy snow deluges and much disruption to people’s travel.

Plans have been drawn up to carry out work at more than 60 locations across trunk roads in the north-west before June, with all but 12 scheduled to be complete by April.

The most costly bit of work will take place on the A9 between Spittal and Georgemas, with the three-week repairs valued at an estimated £480,000.

Repairing the road surface at Drumochter NB on the A9 will also last for three weeks in total, costing £465,000.

Some of the works have already begun with three already completed at time of writing.

A representative for BEAR Scotland – the company tasked with carrying out the repairs – said: “This winter has brought frequent heavy rain followed by sub-zero temperatures across out network of roads causing unprecedented damage to occur.

“As the winter weather is continuing to have an impact on the roads and our programme of resurfacing regular updates of the programme will be prepared to keep people well informed.”

The rep added that the company understands that members of local communities will feel frustrated regarding the road surface at some locations, but insisted that the firm is doing all it can to carry out repairs as safely and quickly as possible.  

The full list of scheduled repairs can be downloaded from bearscot.com

Ben Robb, brand manager at Dieselink, adds: “This winter has been especially tough on Scottish drivers and the country’s road network and we are glad BEAR Scotland has already set to work on repairs."

Photo: DBX54/wikipedia