Opening date announced for Queensferry Crossing

Opening date announced for Queensferry Crossing (image credit: iStock/jax10289)

The official opening date for the highly-anticipated Queensferry Crossing has been announced by Scotland's economy secretary Keith Brown.

Set to open to all traffic from August 30th this year, the crossing will provide a welcome addition to the local transport network and ensure faster, smoother journeys for all travellers in the area in the years ahead.

Mr Brown made the announcement during a visit to the crossing's construction site this week, where he met with workers from both the Forth Replacement Crossing project and veterans of the construction of the Forth Road Bridge.

He stated: "It is fitting to be able to make this announcement alongside some of those who built the Forth Road Bridge and those who are building the Queensferry Crossing.

"What is being achieved on the Forth today, like what was achieved 53 years ago, is a testament to the expertise and the endeavour of those who have designed and built these bridges."

The work will not stop with the opening of the new bridge though, as the minister also announced the crossing will be transitioned to a full motorway once the final public transport links to the north of the structure are completed.

Ben Robb, brand manager at Dieselink, adds: "The opening of the Queensferry Crossing will be a landmark event for Scotland, helping to provide seamless and uninterrupted journeys for millions of motorists in the coming years."